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2 Weeks Ago
Hi folks! It looks like I will be going down the road of getting my implant replaced with the N5 on my right side. Fortunately I am bilateral and...
Want to win a trip to Cochlear Celebration 2015?? Here's how...  Submit a video that's one minute or less and tell us why life's...
Hi all:I'm 3 years bilateral (4 years on the right side) and it's been fantastic to hear speech so well again. One of my processors seems...
Does anyone else have this problem? Everytime a train blows it's horn, Mike almost falls to the ground in pain. This is becoming a major problem as he is...
lost log in info
One Month Ago
lost log in info, but finally remembered it. computer had crashed and misplaced my book with all the info. didn't want to create a new account, so just...
Cochlear in Australia
One Month Ago
Hi,  I have just returned from a month long tour of Australia and New Zealand. I had the opportunitiy to visit Cochlear on the last day of my trip. It...
One Month Ago
Well I know I am usually good about being on community but life gets busy and time tends to fly by. On September 25, 2014, I was tested in the booth...
A fine Time!
3 Months Ago
Well, the first 2 weeks of college have flown by, and I have 4 more years to go! I already have found a circle of friends, some I know from back home, others...
3 Months Ago
I am assuming that Cochlear is aware of the advertising that is clogging up the Community?
Music, Music, Music
3 Months Ago
My current project is to go back and collect the songs from when I was a teenager (and could actually hear a little) for installation on my Ipod. Now I am...
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