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A fine Time!
One Week Ago
Well, the first 2 weeks of college have flown by, and I have 4 more years to go! I already have found a circle of friends, some I know from back home, others...
2 Weeks Ago
I am assuming that Cochlear is aware of the advertising that is clogging up the Community?
Music, Music, Music
3 Weeks Ago
My current project is to go back and collect the songs from when I was a teenager (and could actually hear a little) for installation on my Ipod. Now I am...
WOW! I've been MIA
3 Weeks Ago
Hey everyone!  I hope that you have all been well and probably wondering what I have been up to! I realized my last status was posted back in April...
Neck Loops
3 Weeks Ago
I have decided that I need to get an fm neck loop for watching TV. Can someone give me some insight as to what to look for and which one works well with the...
Catching up to do
4 Weeks Ago
I will be catching up on posts for the past month. I haven't had access to this forum and it will be good to see how everyone is doing.  I went...
I am in the beginning phase of looking for a smart phone.  I have the N6 but would be interested in hearing from N5 people as well since the t-coil...
Wiseman Family Update!
One Month Ago
Hello Everyone, it's Stefanie! I thought I would write a little update to let you know whats going with Andy & I (we didn't realize it has been...
I don't know what happened to the first blog but I'll try this again.Thought I would share an inexpensive way to carry around your batteries and or...
Aqua + going fishing
One Month Ago
  Taking my new Aqua + fishing in a month. Looks like some good stuff. Need to read directions and try out before........stay cool
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