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Want to win a trip to Cochlear Celebration 2015?? Here's how...  Submit a video that's one minute or less and tell us why life's...
Hi all:I'm 3 years bilateral (4 years on the right side) and it's been fantastic to hear speech so well again. One of my processors seems...
Does anyone else have this problem? Everytime a train blows it's horn, Mike almost falls to the ground in pain. This is becoming a major problem as he is...
lost log in info
3 Weeks Ago
lost log in info, but finally remembered it. computer had crashed and misplaced my book with all the info. didn't want to create a new account, so just...
Hi,  I have just returned from a month long tour of Australia and New Zealand. I had the opportunitiy to visit Cochlear on the last day of my trip. It...
3 Weeks Ago
Well I know I am usually good about being on community but life gets busy and time tends to fly by. On September 25, 2014, I was tested in the booth...
A fine Time!
One Month Ago
Well, the first 2 weeks of college have flown by, and I have 4 more years to go! I already have found a circle of friends, some I know from back home, others...
2 Months Ago
I am assuming that Cochlear is aware of the advertising that is clogging up the Community?
Music, Music, Music
2 Months Ago
My current project is to go back and collect the songs from when I was a teenager (and could actually hear a little) for installation on my Ipod. Now I am...
WOW! I've been MIA
2 Months Ago
Hey everyone!  I hope that you have all been well and probably wondering what I have been up to! I realized my last status was posted back in April...
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