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So What do We do?
One Week Ago
I would like to share a comment on Sunny's blog, "where has everybody gone". I will be the first to admit that I use being busy as an excuse...
RIT - Open House
One Week Ago
Friday me and my Mom hit the road to Rochester, NY to attend the Open House at RIT on April 12th. The ride was mostly uneventful, about 6 and a half hours....
Update 4-5-14
2 Weeks Ago
WoW its been a long time! I have checked how people have been doing on the community a few times since I have written a blog. I think it is time to write a...
CP810 Coil Covers
3 Weeks Ago
Just for your eyes only, I bought a bunch of coils for the CP810s head piece. Right now I'm sporting a hot pink one with white processor and battery...
Well friends my A-day went pretty well overall (I would of said great but Cochlear forgot to add the second processor to my kit!!!) When my Audi turned me on...
One Month Ago
Here I go again, but this time I'm super excited. Friday morning I will make my trek across Iowa to Iowa City to the University of Iowa Hospitals &...
Waiting for A-Day
One Month Ago
Well folks...It's been 12 days and I only have 9 more days to wait (Yay!!!). All my pain is gone and I'm getting around nicely, although hearing with...
Bilateral at last!
One Month Ago
Hi everyone, At about 1:15 PM on March 11, 2014 I finally went Bilateral and was fitted out with the new N6 processors. There was a small chance that...
Probably the first indication that today was different was when I thought I had accidentally slammed a cupboard door. It had slipped from my fingers, as is...
I couldn't help but think how fortunate I have been since I have become bilateral. As you all know, I love music. Period. And it hurts me so that some of...
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