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Hello CI family. They say "you'llnever know unless you ask", so I thought why not. Does anyone have an audio cable for nucleus 5 or 6...
N6 on the way
3 Weeks Ago
Just to let you know that my N6 is on it's way. They got approval from my Medicare Plus Blue. I do have to pay $1,432.22 for my deductibe and 10% copay....
If you live in the Atlanta, GA, we would love to see you! Sunday, January 31, 20162:30 - 4:30 PM Roswell Public Library115 Norcross StreetRoswell,...
N6 upgrade
4 Weeks Ago
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been approved by Medicare and BCBS for my upgrade. Of course, because it is the beginning of the year I will...
It's been a very long, hard and difficult year.  However, it did not come without some good to alleviate the bad. This past year, 2015 did not...
Hi, Does anyone know what the difference is between the personal audio cable the the portable phone cable found in the cochlear store? I was looking to...
Our new Engagement Manager is Javier Costentino. He is replacing Paula. Sooo everyone shout out a big Welcome to Javier.Good luck Javier......EJ 
Five year mapping
2 Months Ago
I had my 5 year mapping yesterday and it went very well. The audiologist said that it looked almost identical to last year. She was going to put me in the...
I have two N5 batteries that when placed in the charging unit, at times the light flashes as opposed to being yellow while charging and of course green...
Good morning Everyone
4 Months Ago
 Good morning everyone in Cochlear Community. Hope your weekend has been a blessing........EJ
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