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I have two N5 batteries that when placed in the charging unit, at times the light flashes as opposed to being yellow while charging and of course green...
Good morning Everyone
One Month Ago
 Good morning everyone in Cochlear Community. Hope your weekend has been a blessing........EJ
Apology to Community
One Month Ago
Ok I may have been out of place for joking around here in the community so I apologize. Sometimes I can't help but attempt to pep things up a little bit...
N5-N6 Batteries
3 Months Ago
Hoping to get N6 upgrades soon and one of the options is "Standard versus Compact Rechargeable Batteries".  So wondering if anyone has...
Being bilateral made my N6 upgrade process a little tricky.  Here are some things I learned: 1 - Complete a separate order form for each processor...
Just curious
4 Months Ago
I am curious as to how many CI users have experienced having to replace or repair a processor.  What is involved in getting it done?  One of my...
I've been a couple years now with my CIs, doing very, very well overall even through humid Michigan summers--until now, it seems. Lately I've...
Hi everyone!  I typically wear the small earhook (the standard earhook makes my ear sore after a while) and I am having issues with breaking it by...
BAD batteries
5 Months Ago
I guess it is time for the replacements to start. My implant is now over 3 years old and just in the last couple days the indicator lights were not coming on...
I know I haven't been on here much.  But I hope all is well with everyone that's been through alot & finding yourself happy to hear all over...
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