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Hi. My name is John and I am a 57 year old man living in Cedar R aapids, Iowa. I had a severe case of bacterial menengitis 15 years ago. I lost total hearing in my right ear at that time. all of  sudden this past Christmas 2009 I lost hearing in my left ear. After several various treatment the only hope was the implant and the doctor decided to try the other ear also. Had a bilateral inplant on Feb. 22 and activation on March 17.I am just starting to hear in the left ear along with all the noise ,etc., but there is not to much hope for the right ear. I have the nucleus 5 and they were able to get 23 electrodes to work in the left ear only 6 in the right ear. I am still struggling but am remaining hopeful hearing eill improve even if only the one ear. Words of wisdom are always appriciated and needed. All friends welcome.
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