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Activation Day 2 - A couple of steps forwards / a few bumps in the road

September 13, 2011
posted by  Jay1964

Well - here we are nearing the end of day 2.  Listening is certainly a challenge at times and there is still lots of electronic noise.  First a few items of good news:


 1.  I had my 11 year old test me with numbers between 20 -50 from the backseat and I got a large majority of them.  Hearing him in the car has always been a big challenge so this was a nice step forward.


2.  I went out for breakfast and watched a movie at home with my parents, who are visiting.  Breakfast was OK, lots of odd noises in the restaurant but all workable.  The move was tough - dialogue alone I could follow with the help of captions and it did sound like the words - albeit a bit electronic.  When there was music/background noise it just sounded like listening to loud static and warbly tones.  so this was a little mixed.


3.  I had someone read to be me and I was generally able to track the words on a separate copy, but something did not sound close.  So that was a little mixed.


4.  For some reason my map has a lot of ambient electonic background noise.  maybe there is something going in in the house - but when I ask everyone has said it is quiet.  So this is a little frustrating and confusing.  


A few observations - I seem to understand men's voice more - I am not sure if that is some of my residual hearing on my other ear or not.  Having said that I did try to listen to the radion and "My Girl" which is higher pitch was easier to follow.  Lots to figure out - but I guess overall not bad for Day 2


Although I will day the Recall of the N5 was not good news to hear on Day 2.  I hope I am fine and that Cochlear deals with this promptly and effectively.



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2CI Ears--Connie J. Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

September 13, 2011

Sounds like you are right on track and moving along at a good pace. I have a couple of suggestions/comments. For heavens sake don't beat on yourself about what you cannot hear especially a movie on the tv. There are some movies that I still have problems with and for me that has to be one of the toughest situations of all. Enjoy what you can hear and cut yourself a break--it will come in due time. As for the electronic background noises you probably are hearing noises that normal hearing people have just learned to ignore. I remember telling my husband that the door squeaked and he swore it did not--well the ending to the story was it did squeak. Can I tell you now if it squeaks--no--I have learned to tune it out. As for listening to a book--if you have an MP3 player or a cd player find books from the library and listen to them with your personal audio cable while you follow along in a hard copy of the book. By doing this rather than listening to someone it allows the sound to go directly to the ear and you don't get any of the background noise. Good luck and please keep us posted n your progress. Connie
Karen (aka grammaK)

September 13, 2011

Jay, I would say if you were able to hear ANY random numbers from the back seat of the car on your second day, you are off to a fantastic start! Congratulations on a successful activation! -Karen
Sunny Rieker

September 13, 2011

Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up.
MargoK-Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

September 13, 2011

It sounds to me like you are having a great start to your ci journey! Restaurants can be very noisy especially in the beginning when your brain and ci are just starting to learn to work together. Over time you will learn what programs and settings work the best for you in various environments-in noise and in quiet. I believe that it is important to rejoice daily in the small sounds of life whether you are new to a ci or a ci timer of 22 years like me. How cool that you were able to hear your son from the backseat of your car! Keep us posted on this new life adventure of ci hearing for you. with double ci joy, Margo

September 13, 2011

Jay, you are making great progress :) Lynette

September 14, 2011

I think you are making great progress too. If I had gone to a restaurant on my second day of activation and came out saying that it wasn't too bad, I would consider that I was doing excellent! As Connie said, movies can be hard, with all that background music and sound sometimes it makes more sense to follow along with the captioning until you know you are hearing the dialog without it. The tinny voices will be there for a short period of time but it will disappear sooner rather than later. Hey, not only are you doing well, I think you are doing much better than you know. Each mapping will help you to hear better, to differeniate sounds more so keep doing what you are doing! Congratulations.
SharonC -Edmondson Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

September 14, 2011

Jay you are way ahead of where I was at. I don't think I would have even gone into a restuarant the 2 day. But hey I am fine with it now. As much as we can be with all the noise sometimes. But we do seem to find our comfort zone with these neat little "Remotes" ~SharonC~

September 14, 2011

sometimes you might be hearing noise like the AC, hair moving, breathing, or talking some pitches might have feedback with them. I remember watching TV I had beeps all the time. I would also hear a beep or extra noise when I heard "s" or "sh" or the water running. My brain had to get used to these and learn how to hear them since I had never heard some of these sounds. It took a month for me to hear "s" correctly.

September 14, 2011

Sounds like you're doing awesome! Like others said, keep in mind that a "quiet" house to a hearing person is different than what you're hearing. You're probably picking up a/c or maybe your hair rubbing against your mic. My first few days of activation I thought I still had tinnitus, but come to find out, most of it was just me breathing. Haha. It's overwhelming at first, but keep on learning sounds and you'll get the hang of things.
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